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Lower Gull by Clive Barnett


15 - 26 OCTOBER 2019

The third annual exhibition of work by GCSE Art students from The Alde Valley Academy, Leiston.

Lower Gull by Clive Barnett

Lower Gull by Clive Barnett

My Favourite Things ... and Other Artists


Exhibiting artists : Rebecca Barnard, Chris Bishop, Suzanne Campbell, Gillian Chaplin, Jane Cochrane, Brian Coetzee, Lyz Gardner, Jelly Green, Lucia Hardy, Richard Kimmerling, Kit Leese, Susan Light, Patricia Lomax, Anne Paton, Annette Rolston, Jamie Sugg, Henri Villiers, Loraine Wilson, Clare Maria Wood

We are especially pleased in this exhibition to be showcasing the work of two artists new to the Gallery - local ceramicist and restaurateur, Nancy Main's stunning ceramics and Clive Barnett, with his hand printed and hand stitched work on paper.

A Pinch of Salt

An exhibition of work by Patricia Lomax, Anne Paton and Henri Villiers

23 JULY - 3 august 2019

Foreign Shores

Foreign Shores


Celebrating Suffolk 2019

An exhibition of suffolk based artists

June - July 2019

June saw the return of Suffolk Open Studios and The George Farnham Gallery had a mixed media exhibition celebrating the wide diversity of talent in the County. All work on show was by an artist with a direct connection to Suffolk.

Artists who exhibited were:

1. Loraine Wilson 2. Patricia Lomax 3. Chris Bishop 4. Wil Harvey 5. Henri Villiers 6. Jane Cochrane 7. Gillian Chaplin 8. Brian Coetzee 9. Richard Kimmerling 10. Bryan Whiteley 11. Jelly Green 12.Anne Paton 13. Neil Hanger 14. Jack Stephenson 15. Lyz Gardner 16. Karen Lear 17. Claudia Myatt 18. Simon Turner 19. Jonno Johnson 20. Polly Williams 21 Lydia Finney 22. Jillifar Amor 23. Louise Mock 24. Mercedes Oakley 25. Heather Goddin

Captured Moments

TUEsDAY 14th - saturday 25 MAY 2019

A solo selling exhibition of flower paintings by KAREN LEAR in her own inimitable style; drawn in pen and finger painted in acrylics.

Long Time No Sea

Celebrate Spring

MARCH - MAY 2019

a new exhibition ... new work ... new season

Featured Artists:

Featured artists : Susan Light, Rosemary Conibeer, Anne Paton, Jane Cochrane, Jonno Johnson, Clare Maria Wood, Rachel Arif, Rebecca Barnard, Jelly Green, Bryan Whiteley, Nicolette Hallett, Claudia Myatt, Gillian Chaplin,Patricia Lomax,Kit Leese, Henri Villiers, Brian Coetzee, Lyz Gardner, Simon Turner, Loraine Wilson, Jillifar Amor, Annette Rolston & Mike Fenton, Lydia Finney, Louise Mock, Neil Hanger, Heather Goddin, Suzanne Campbell, Karen Macwhinnie, Ben Hendy & Henry Jackson Newcombe

£225 Trading Places - a watercolour by Wil Harvey

Winter Exhibition 2018-2019

NOV 2018 - FEB 2019.

Cornish Rockface - Clare Maria Wood

Summer Exhibition 2018

This show runs until 31 August 2018.

An eclectic mix of styles, medium, price and size - so something for everyone. 

Featured Artists:

Rachel Arif, Samantha Barnes, Andrew Bennett, Lisa Berry, Kirstie Bruce, Beverley Bryon, Suzanne Campbell, Gillian Chaplin, Sandra Dean, Jelly Green, Neil Hanger, Brian Harrison, Ben Hendy, Theronda Hoffman, Marilyn Jackson, Kit Leese, Shirley Anne Leslie, Patricia Lomax, Ken Minns, Claudia Myatt, Chris Newson, Theresa Pateman, Anne Paton, Ruth Joy Purchase, Annette Rolston, Jamie Sugg, Bryan Whiteley, Polly Williams, Loraine Wilson, Clare Maria Wood.

Spring 2018 Exhibition

APRIL 2018 to june 2018

An eclectic mix of styles, medium, price and size - so something for everyone. 

Featured Artists:
Loraine Wilson, Theresa Pateman, Rachel Arif, Jane Cochrane, Ruth Joy Purchase, Clare Maria Wood, Gillian Chaplin, Claudia Myatt, Anne Paton, Marilyn Jackson, Brian Harrison, Kit Leese, Bryan Whiteley, Lisa Berry, Shirley Anne Leslie, Andrew Bennett, Jamie Sugg, Theronda Hoffman, Kirstie Bruce, Victoria Barrington-Phillips, Annette Rolston, Neil Hanger, Beverley Bryon.

Cornish Rockface - Clare Maria Wood

The Artist Sir, is a Woman

march until Sat 14 April

The artists exhibiting are listed below:
Polly Williams, Theresa Pateman, Patricia Lomax, Theronda Hoffman, Ruth Joy Purchase, Clare Maria Wood Anne Paton, Claudia Myatt, Jane Cochrane, Marilyn Jackson, Susie Hammond, Jelly Green, Lisa Berry, Gillian Chaplin, Shirley Anne Leslie, Rachel Arif, Victoria Barrington-Phillips, Annette Rolston, Beverley Bryon and Suzanne Campbell.

Lavender Fields  -  Acrylic on canvas  - Rachel Arif

Winter Exhibition

23 Jan, 2018 - March

something for everyone - oils, watercolours, acrylics, prints, ceramics, glass, fabrics, sculpture!

All exhibits have one thing in common - originally produced art and craft work by artists from East Anglia and London.  Prices too match all pockets with original pieces from under £10 to £500. Please drop by.

Lavender Fields  -  Acrylic on canvas  - Rachel Arif


15 Oct, 2017 - 27 Oct, 2017

The George Farnham Gallery is delighted to showcase the work by GCSE students from the Alde Valley Academy in a two week exhibition from Sunday 15 October to Friday 27 October.

Please do come along to see the work and also meet these young, local talented students.

All pieces on exhibit are for sale at £25

Lavender Fields  -  Acrylic on canvas  - Rachel Arif

Lavender Fields - Acrylic on canvas - Rachel Arif

Gallery Favourites

SEP 17, 2017 - 11 oct, 2017

Featuring both new artists and work of Gallery "favourites".  Watercolours, oils, prints, ceramics, glass and wooden sculpture. 

Artists : Rachel Arif, Kirstie Bruce, Jane Cochrane,Stuart Cox, Leigh Hammett Ben Hendy, Kit Leese, Shirley Anne Leslie, Ken Minns, Chris Newson, James Oses, Anne Paton, Annette Rolston, Brian Whitely, Clare Maria Wood.



Focus on Photography

Sep 5, 2017 - Sep 16, 2017


Anthony Cullen - award winning Suffolk based professional photographer with his studio in Pin Mill. His world wide client portfolio includes Adnams, Land Rover, Jaguar and McLaren F1

Stuart Cox - Somerset based interiors and design photograper with an international client base

Chris Newson - Saxmundham, Suffolk based artist well know for his work in oil, displays his photographic eye.

Bob Foyers - Suffolk based professional photographer

Seana Brennan - London based artist who uses photographs as a base for her oil painting, now exhibits her photographs

Marian Fitzgerald - Oxford based academic and leading criminologist demonstrates another 'string to her bow' as a photographer

John West - local Saxmundham freelance journalist


Summer Exhibition

Jun 20, 2017 - Sep 2, 2017

Exhibition includes works by London, Cambridge, Essex and East Anglian artists.

An exciting addition to our gallery is a Norfolk based artist who transfers her prints to material and creates lamp-shapes and cushions.


Clare Maria Wood


After gaining a BA Honours in Fine Art painting at Wimbledon School of Art, Clare went on to complete postgraduate studies at Goldsmiths University. She has been making and exhibiting work throughout the UK since then and has shown work at the Royal Academy of Art. She became interested in printmaking in 2002 and now incorporates monoprint, etching and collagraph into her practice. She was awarded the CPSC Diploma by Stanley Jones MBE and Chloe Cheese MA RCA at the renowned Curwen Print Study Centre. Most recently Clare was awarded a residency at Brisons Veor, Cornwall. 

Clare can be found working in her garden studio in Cambridge, UK.



Print, Etching, Fused Glass and Illustration Exhibition

Mar 28, 2017 - May 25 2017

A selection of local and UK based artists specialising in printmaking, etching, litho and illustrations. Featuring local Suffolk/Essex printmakers - Bill Pryde, Arabella Crum Ewing, Marilyn Jackson, Bryan Whiteley and Kit Leese as well as London based printmakers and illustrators - Theresa Pateman and James Oses.

Fused Glass is provided by London based artist Beverly Bryon

Chris Newson & Maggi Hambling.jpg

Chris Newson


An exciting solo exhibition by a talented local artist living in Saxmundham.

Probably the best way to describe Chris and his intense relationship with paint is a recent quote by his mentor Maggi Hambling:

“Newson's art is his life, so it speaks to us about our own lives - fears, joys, grief and delight. It's all here - full of colour and living paint.”


Spring Exhibition

Jan 10, 2017 - Jan 21, 2017

David Lilly - Valle de Vere Glass Artist

Rosemary Connibeer -  Abstract Expressionist paintings